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E-Learning With MWIS


E-Learning With MWIS

June / July Final Exam Schedule

Please note that students from Grades 7 - 12 write final exams in Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Sciences (including Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), Arabic, Islamic Studies, and UAE Social Studies (7-9). Exams are to be completed with students joining the Google Meet and remaining in view of the camera for the duration of the assessment.

Considering that we are in e-learning, the exams have been reduced from what would regularly be expected for final exams. They are shorter in length and teachers will assess with the understanding that they have not seen their students face-to-face in months.

Teachers will be sharing reviews/study guides with their students by 4 June, exam details by 9 June, and final assessments run for two weeks from 14 - 25 June. 

In the coming week, I will send a very comprehensive video to students/parents detailing all of the final exam expectations and protocols.




FLEX periods have been introduced into the schedules from Grade 1 -12 to:

1)      provide extra time for students to work on homework during E-learning time

2)      give additional 1-on-1 conferencing opportunities to students who wish to contact subject teachers more frequently

FLEX periods are NOT free periods! They are intended to be WORK periods that help minimize after school homework loads and optimize the communication with teachers. 

If you have any further questions about these classes please ask your homeroom teachers for guidance. 


E-LEARNING WEEK2 UPDATE, Click here to see the video
Dear Parents,
As you are aware, distance learning will begin on Sunday 22 March 2020. Our teachers have been eagerly preparing lessons and are excited to share these with the students next week. We wanted to share a few pieces of important information:
  • Visit the Weekly Overviews on the school website ( to see find instructions for learning
  • Continue using Google Classroom/Classdojo/SeeSaw for lessons and assignments 
  • It's imperative that students follow the E-learning schedule (attached) the best they can so they can access their teachers when they seek assistance or clarification. 
  • All teachers will be available for video conferencing time during their scheduled class times through Google Hangouts Meet. We ask that students respect the times to ensure all students have access to teachers. This time is not mandatory but is an excellent opportunity to ask teachers questions in real-time. These conferences will be recorded and shared with students.
  • Google Hangouts Meet instructions for parents/students are also attached to this email
  • For KG - grade 2 students/parents, we recommend that you contact your homeroom teacher through the platforms that they have suggested on their 'Introductory' video if you have any questions 
 Beginning of E-Learning with MWIS

We hope you are as excited as we are about the beginning of e-learning at MWIS! Our teachers have been working hard and are excited to share some fun and engaging lessons with you! Our Principals, Mr. Ryan and Ms. Tara, have put together an introductory video showing you how to access important information on our school website - Please click on the following link to view the video and get started with e-learning!


Please Click here to see E-Learning Introduction


As always, please do not hesitate to contact us our your son/daughter\'s teachers for more information and support.


Ms. Tara and Mr. Tony also put together a Google Meet Tutorial video, and that can be seen by going to the following link.


Please click here to see Google Meet Introduction


We are also updating all information regularly on our Facebook Page, as well as sharing some fun videos so be sure to follow us!


E-Learning Expectations

At Maplewood International School, we recognize the importance of visual and online support for students. We also
understand that teachers have a responsibility to support students with continuing to progress and achieve outcomes
in all subjects. Parents, staff, and students have a responsibility to ensure the online support is provided in line with
procedures outlined below for child protection and safeguarding purposes.
● to ensure online support is structured and conducted professionally
● to ensure parents and students are aware of procedures and expectations
● to ensure staff support students following safeguarding protocol
● to ensure the whole school community is committed to child protection procedures

Please click here to see the detailed instructions


Safeguarding of digital citizenship

Safeguarding of digital citizenship is a high priority within our school community at Maplewood International School. Through our agreed upon, 'MWIS Acceptable Use Agreement' we communicate the expected guidelines of safe digital usage

Below are a number of links that can help students and parents safeguard themselves while they are involved in distance learning. 

How do defend or safeguard against CYBERBULLYING


Why is it important to understand digital citizenship?


 Rules of Digital Classroom Etiquette