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Maplewood Awarded Highest Ranking by ADEK for E-Learning


Maplewood Awarded Highest Ranking by ADEK for E-Learning

Dear Maplewood International School Principal

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge thanks you for engaging with our team during the recent
evaluation visit.
The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the school’s distance learning provision for students’ learning and wellbeing
and to support the school in identifying areas that require improvement. During the online visit, evaluators engaged
in a range of activities, including discussions with senior and middle leaders, review of documents, review of samples
of students’ work, observation of virtual lessons and analysis of feedback from stakeholders.


The Distance Learning Profile is : Developed 

 Positive features of the distance learning

1. The ability of the school to build upon previous e-learning experiences to support a seamless move
into distance learning.
2. The range of stimulating online and offline learning opportunities available to students.
3. The variety of links established to enable parents to communicate with the school.


Areas for Developement