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Re-opening Survey ( KG 1 to GRADE 5 )


Re-opening Survey ( KG 1 to GRADE 5 )



Dear Parents,

 Our  staff at MWIS are  getting excited  to commence the  2020-  2021 academic school year. As you know,  this  is a challenging time and many rules and  regulations are  continuously changing. It is our  goal to keep you updated with  accurate information as we receive it. For that reason, it is critical that you  regularly check the email  that you  have  registered with the school and  refer  to our  school website for updated information

Parent  Survey for KG1 - Grade 5

At MWIS, and in line with  ADEK guidelines, we consider your  choice to have your  children in school at this time  to be an important decision to make  weighing your  family's  needs. You have  a choice to have your  child  return to the  school for face to face instruction or

e-learning instruction for Term  1.  Once  you  have  made this  important choice  you  muststay  with  that choice for the  duration of Term  1.

It is incredibly important that all parents of students in KG1 - Grade 5 complete the  parent survey to determine if your child will physically attend school or not. In order  for us to deliver  the  best  educational experience for your  children, this  is important data that we must collect  as  soon  as possible.

  • You must complete one separate survey for each child  you have  in KG1 -Grade 5. If

you have  three children in this  age category, you must complete three separate surveys.

  • Please note that ifyou do not complete this survey, we may  not  be able  to guarantee

your  child  the  opportunity to physically attend school.


Please click here for the parent survey