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School Uniforms


School Uniforms




Dear Parents,


Our school uniform store is ready to serve you starting from Sunday 16 August, Saturday - Thursday from 9:30 am - 3 pm. In order to keep you safe, you will need to use the attached order forms to request the uniforms that you require. Please do the following:



    • For each of your children, you must complete one separate order form. If you have four children, you will need to complete four order forms. There is an order form for boys and for girls.


    • Complete each order form for the uniforms that you require and email them to [email protected]


    • You will receive a response from the uniform store on the same day and you will be provided with the date of availability for order collection


    • You will then receive email confirmation and a phone call to inform you that your order is ready and the total cost


    • To collect the uniform, you can send one parent to the school, wearing a mask, to pay and collect



Thank you,