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Social Worker ( Ms Elham) Corner


Social Worker ( Ms Elham) Corner


Week 4

How to avoid Depression

Test Anxiety

Week 3


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Week 2


How to deal with panic


Week 1


   Dear parents,


 As a school counsellor, I provide services to support our student’s behavioural, social, and emotional growth and development. Services to students include Individual and Small Group Counselling, Classroom Guidance, and Consultation. Our goal is to support our students by addressing their developmental needs, and by facilitating their acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful learners, both in school and throughout their lives.


As we are going through this rough pandemic, we are informed that we will now have students in their homes for further notice. As a school counsellor, we want to encourage you to limit your children’s access to the media and remain calm about this issue with your children in order to help them address their fears.


We know that we are off school, but if your family has had a tough time over this break with changes or stresses, please be sure you or your student check in with your school counsellor. I am always available by email and ready to help, please take in consideration with the following tips below, these weekly tips will help you and your children cope with our current situation during covid-19.


Contact me: [email protected] 




Ms. Elham Awad


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