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Fee Structure


Fee Structure

Fees Structure 2020-2021

Canadian International School Abu Dhabi Fees Structure At A Glance

Maplewood Wood School is committed to the success of your child’s future. We take this commitment very seriously. We take solid steps to make sure that we stand firm with our resolve. We often revise our payment structure and make it easier for parents to understand. Canadian international school Abu Dhabi fees structure is scrutinized every year or so. Maplewood School is no exception to this rule, but we wish to keep our valued clients informed about any changes or alterations that may occur.

For your convenience, we upload the revised fee structure on our website. Click at the link and go through the details. Usually, changes are marked so readers won’t have issues going through them.

Reason Why Changes in Canadian School Abu Dhabi Fees Occur

,p>Our surcharge structure is the discretion of the school, and we reserve the right to revise it any time. Revisions that may occur in fee structure may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Change in amount
  • Additional taxes imposed by the government

In either case, it would be difficult for the institution not to make changes in the fee structure. It is a must to understand the need to accommodate changes in school fee in Abu Dhabi.

Transparency In School Fee in Abu Dhabi

We keep our valued clients informed about upcoming developments. Changes in fee structure is a gradual process and clients are duly informed about any changes. The idea is to educate and make them understand that schools need to make such changes without wasting time.

Give Us A Call

For more information about fee structure and its impact upon students and parents, give us a call at 02-5524223. Visit our updated website to see the changes.