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Core Value Winners


Core Value Winners

Core Value Winner: RESPECT

Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care
about the feelings of others. 

Showing respect for others include things like not calling people mean
names, treating people with kindness, caring enough about yourself that
you don't do things you know can hurt you or others.

A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important,
serious or worthy and should be treated in an appropriate way.

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Core Value Winner: EMPATHY


You understand and share in another person's feelings and emotions.
You try your hardest to be kind when someone is sad and calm when someone is

The ability to see things from another's perspective, to use one’s imagination to
enter into someone else’s subjective state. Essentially it is the ability to ‘walk in
someone else’s shoes’.


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Core Value Winner: Honesty


Being fair and truthful, even when we know we have done something wrong.

The quality of knowing and distinguishing between right and wrong, and acting
fairly; being truthful.


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Core Value Winner: CARE


Congratulations to our March Core Value Winners & Most Improved Students! The Core Value was Care: Feeling or showing kindness to others. Feeling concern or compassion for or having an interest in someone or something; to attach importance or interest to someone or something; to be mindful of the needs of others


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